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Ihr Smartphone könnte gut für Ihre Psyche sein

Close up person using smartphone (Image by [CC BY-SA 2.0] vie Flickr)
Mit Smartphones und der heutigen Technik ist es möglich, psychisch kranken Menschen in Form von Apps zu helfen oder von Zuhause aus Therapiesitzungen abzuhalten. Wenn es um die geistige Gesundheit geht, werden Smartphones und Social Media fast immer in Zusammenhang mit Gefahr gebracht. Viele Experten äußerten ihre Besorgnis, dass Technologie [...]
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Apple Health – „Ein neuer Weg deine Gesundheitsdaten zu nutzen“

Traurig aber wahr: Mit dem Spruch auf der Infoseite zu Health spricht Apple vermutlich nicht nur Endkunden an, sondern auch zahlungswillige Firmen. // von Philipp Biel Mit Apple Health zieht eine neue Art des Tracking in unser Leben ein. Erstmalig kann der Kalorienverbrauch, die täglich zurückgelegten Kilometer – zu Fuß [...]
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Quantified Self Data and Privacy

Quantifying ourselves means tracking the most sensitive kind of data: Our behavior and our location.

The conversations we have on a day-to-day basis about body tracking and the Quantified Self clearly show that most people are acutely aware of just how sensitive this type of data is. In fact, privacy implications tend to be one of the first issues to come up.

And this most certainly isn’t just an exaggerated reaction, but rather the sensible thing to think about. But let’s take it step by step.

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The Quantified Self in health and lifestyle

If there’s one area where we can really see tracking taking off, it’s medical and lifestyle. We deliberately combine both as the boundaries are increasingly blurry: Whereas medical emcompasses all things health-related, by lifestyle we mean to include the kind of active lifestyle that the fitness & sports industries portrait.

There’s hardly a week where no new service or app is launched, or a new self-tracking hardware shipped.

That’s not surprising in itself. After all, in the medical sphere tracking body data has always been a tool of the trade. Tell a diabetic about your fascination with body tracking and they’ll give you an odd look, after all they’ve been doing it for years. What is fascinating, though, is how QS applications have been moving towards the mainstream. Step by step, these services have become easier to use, slicker, better designed. In other words, they’ve started to make it fun to track your body.

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