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Mary Huang: „I’d always done a lot of experimental fashion design“

Mary Huang arbeitet an der Schnittstelle zwischen Mode- und Software-Design. Sie gründete Continuum Fashion mit ihrer Partnerin und besten Freundin Jenna Fizel. Das Projekt ist ein experimentales Label, das Marys Interesse an der Mode und ihrem Hintergrund aus der Software- und Medienbranche vereinen soll. Das Label produziert u.a. LED-Kleider, User-generated Couture und 3D-Printing-Mode. Im Rahmen der NEXT12 habe ich Mary Huang einmal zu Continuum Fashion interviewt. Den englischen Originalton des Interviews lest Ihr hier.

Hi Mary, thanks for talking to Netzpiloten today

Hello, nice to meet you!

So, you’re at this intersection between fashion and software
design. How did that come about personally for you?

Mary HuangI mean, personally, I actually have a background in more like
media and interaction design and so does my partner. I mean, she does
a lot of installations, design work, she has a background in
architecture, so neither of us studied fashion design. I’d always done
a lot of experimental fashion design, but in a way it’s nice to have
an outside perspective; especially since if you look at fashion design
how the training and how the industry is built up, most fashion
designers don’t work digitally at all even and it’s an industry that
is very well grounded in craft which is great. I mean, there’s a lot
of beautiful craftsmanship, but there’s not necessarily the kind of,
like, tradition of using computers at all.

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