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Deepa Iyengar: „The brain cells work electrically“

Ich habe im Rahmen der NEXT12, die Co-Gründerin und Direktorin von MindGames, Deepa Iyengar, einmal zu dem Projekt interviewt. MindGames hat die ersten gedanken-kontrollierten iPhone- und iPad-Spiele wie z.B. 28 Spoons Later und W.I.L.D entwickelt. Wie die Spielhandhabung funktioniert und wie die Idee zu dem Projekt entstanden ist, erzählt uns Deepa in diesem Gespräch, welches wir heute einmal im Originalton in englischer Sprache veröffentlichen.

So, Deepa, you tell me a little bit about your background in
cognitive neuroscience and how MindGames started.

Well, I took a masters degree some years back at MIT in their
brain and cognitive sciences department. That’s a good department if
you have a wide interest in the area because they’ve got people all
the way from psychology to going into monkey’s brains. My field was
cognitive neuroscience, which is interdisciplinary. But what I worked
on was habit learning and trying to understand how habit learning
works in the brains of rats. Not how the learning process works, but
where is the brain activity that has correlates with habit learning.

How did MindGames start?

Deepa IyengarWell after MIT I went to art school (laughing) for a little
while. I think that might have something to do with it. About three
years back I first heard about these kind of technologies that were
becoming commercial for ordinary people and these brain-controlling
technologies. And it was really just a vision that happened. I
thought, well, I’d really love to play a video game, maybe like Myst
or something, but where I have to solve some of the puzzles say by
relaxing to open up a new path or something. And that’s really how I
got the idea. It just came in sort of a vision after hearing about
this technology. Then when I looked back I said, ok, but the idea of
playing a game to learn something is about trying to learn a habit in
a fun. And maybe that really connects back to school.

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